Electronic Claim Attachments Improve Claim Adjudication

FastAttach Saves Time and Money

Why Choose NEA as Your Electronic Claim
Attachment Vendor?

Do your homework when it comes to selecting a secure electronic claim attachment vendor for your practice. NEA has secure, electronic connectivity to over 750 dental plans and payers and we send 100% of our attachments electronically for secure transmission. More payers and more secure connections than any other vendor. The numbers don’t lie. Do your research. Download our Claim Attachment Vendor Checklist today! Learn more…

FastAttach For Providers
Less Paper. Fewer Denials. Faster Reimbursements. Secure Information Exchange.
Dental providers can experience faster claims payments with fewer denials and reduced administrative costs by using electronic claim attachments. Dental offices can easily transmit x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives or any other documentation required by a health plan to adjudicate a dental claim. For medical clients, as the #1 Certified Health information Handler for the CMS esMD program, Vyne Medical securely facilitates timely responses to medical documentation requests from Medicare saving time and money.

Product News
FastKapture Makes Electronic Attachment Capture Possible for Non-digital Practices 
Often times, practices tell us they can’t use FastAttach because they are not digital in their office. We have a solution for that – FastKapture is a mobile app that enables users to securely capture and transmit images to FastAttach and it’s available for most Android or iOS devices! Learn more…

FastResponse For Payers & Health Plans
Adjudicate Claims Faster and with Less Hassle
FastResponse enables payers and health plans to increase electronic claims volume and simplify the claims adjudication process. Find out how to partner with NEA and integrate secure electronic claims attachments into your workflow for dental and medical claims documentation requests and responses.

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NEA's staff has extensive experience in secure electronic document exchange. From inquiry to implementation to ongoing customer service, our professional support team works closely with our clients. Our technical and customer support is unparalleled in the industry. We provide continuous service to improve your workflow, simplify the documentation transmission process, and exceed your expectations.