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Hospital Revenue Cycles Get a Boost from Simple JPEG Files

When it comes time for healthcare providers to get paid, forget complex algorithms and cutting edge reporting systems. It’s the lowly JPEG—yes, the common PC image file format—that’s bringing home the bacon. So much of the sizzle of healthcare information technology seems like a tour of the bridge of the starship Enterprise, or perhaps a… Read more ▸

Boca Raton Regional Hospital Reduces Expenses, Increases Efficiencies Because of Medicare Electronic Submission of Medical Documentation

Boca Raton (Fla.) Regional Hospital has been undergoing a tremendous amount of change during the last five years, much of it related to revenue cycle management improvement. “For the hospital, streamlining its operations and better aligning with third-party partners to best serve the system has been a top priority,” says Rudy Braccili, executive director of… Read more ▸

A Relevant but Underreported Issue Health System Leaders Face When Dealing with RAC Audits

As health system leaders continue to react to continuously updated regulations, many have been expressing their concern for the ongoing administrative burden that exists because of expanded Medicare oversight and its Recovery Auditor (RAC) audit program. Their focus, of course, remains on compliance, and ensuring that providers respond to audit requests in a timely and… Read more ▸