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Communication Creates Trust Between Patients & Practices

What is one of the single most important requirements for the successful engagement of patients? What is likely missing from getting patients to proceed with case acceptance and treatment that you’ve recommended? What might be lacking in your practice when it misses its goals? In all likelihood, in regard to each of these specific areas,… Read more ▸

Systems and Data Security, Loss, Recovery: Are You Prepared?

Small dental practices many not be fully prepared should things go terribly wrong with their technology. Technology is obviously critical and most business processes now cannot function if technology is lost; everything is handled through it. Productivity of staff; financial impact; loss of data; hardware and software failure. Often overlooked, too, is possible facility failure:… Read more ▸

Top Four Dental Specialties that can Benefit from FastAttach

While all dental practices can benefit from moving forward with electronic solutions for claim adjudication, there are a handful of specialties that could be seeing immediate financial benefits from a solution like FastAttach from NEA Powered by Vyne. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation April 2017 report, there are 4,576 Endodontists, 6,147 Oral Surgeons, 8,740… Read more ▸