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NEA delivers innovative solutions for secure health information exchange. The technology enables providers to gain productivity via the electronic capture and submission of documentation for electronic claims and to more effectively manage the revenue cycle.

FastAttach® enables dental offices to transmit x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives, pre-treatment estimates, secondary insurance, and any other documentation required by a payer to adjudicate a dental claim.

With FastAttach, you can:

• Reduce cost of postage, admin and fax charges
Streamline follow-up processes on mailed claims
Improve revenue cycle management
• Submit all necessary attachments reliably and securely
• Eliminate lost attachments that delay reimbursement
• Decrease administration time spent tracking claims and reimbursement on denied claims

FastAttach®: Secure Electronic Attachment Solution

FastAttach simplifies the task of electronic document management and improves processes by enabling providers to transmit supporting documentation for electronic claims. The claims are matched to the attachment in the plan’s claim adjudication software via the NEA Tracking Number, which eliminates the wait time normally associated with additional documentation requests. FastAttach simplifies and accelerates attachment submission and processing.

FastAttach delivers significant savings and streamlines business processes for dental practices of all size – including DSOs by facilitating the transmission and retrieval of supporting documentation between providers and health plans.

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