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FastAttach® electronic claim attachment software from NEA saves dental offices time and money by allowing providers to electronically transmit x-rays, perio charts, EOBs, narratives, pre-treatment estimates, secondary insurance or any other documentation required by a payer to adjudicate a dental claim.

FastAttach is the SIMPLE way to:

– Eliminate lost or damaged claim attachments
– Connect with over 750 payers & health plans
– Improve your revenue cycle and expedite reimbursements
– Save on postage and printing costs
– Reduce follow-up time with payers
– Stop sending unnecessary attachments with claims


How does FastAttach work? It’s simple:

1. Capture dental images through one of the FastAttach image acquisition methods, such as, screen capture, file import, scanner or mobile device capture through FastKapture.

2. Transmit the image to the NEA repository.

3. NEA immediately sends a report back to the practice with an NEA Attachment Tracking Number for each file.

4. Simply place the NEA Tracking Number in the remarks or NTE section of the claim and send the claim electronically through your claims clearinghouse or if your practice management system is integrated with FastAttach, send the attachment automatically.

Not sure if FastAttach is right for you? Check out our FastFacts to find out the answers to commonly asked questions and see for yourself what your peers are saying about FastAttach.

Securely connect to over 750 dental payers and health plans for 100% electronic transmissions.

No other vendor has as many payer connections as NEA. Don’t be fooled by bundled services that promise big, but fall short on delivery. NEA delivers! We transmit millions of claim attachments annually. We never drop your attachments to paper – surprisingly, most other vendors do; every attachment is sent via secure connections to hundreds of payers. Check out our Payer List and if you don’t see your primary payers listed, call 800-782-5150 and speak to one of our team members about how we can get your payers connected.

Watch this video and see how FastAttach can help your practice save time and money…

FastAttach®: Secure Electronic Attachment Solution

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