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NEA’s secure information exchange solution enables payers and health plans to control administrative costs, comply with legislation, increase electronic dental insurance claims volume, and improve network provider relationships.

NEA serves insurance companies, dental plans, self-insured employers and third party administrators by enhancing electronic dental claims and billing processes through electronic information exchange. Approximately 20 percent of claims are received with supporting documentation. As legislation moves toward mandating the exchange of health documentation electronically, NEA is a recognized leader in secure health information exchange.

Our FastAttach® service is a secure means of viewing supporting documentation for managing the process of adjudication of claims.

By utilizing FastAttach, plans experience a 30-40 percent reduction in the administrative cost of claims by reducing the number of duplicate claims received due to insufficient supporting documentation. Administrative costs multiply when claims are appealed. Plans using FastAttach significantly decrease the number of appealed claims, by enabling providers to electronically send supporting documentation up front.

Plans experience many benefits including:
• Increase in EDI transactions
• Decrease in costs associated with unsolicited attachments
• Reduction in costs related to sorting, administration and tracking
• Improved network provider satisfaction
• 24/7 online access to attachments
• No programming is required for plan implementation

FastAttach is a front-end attachment solution for the dental health plan market that delivers pre-indexed documentation such as images to a claim. FastAttach can be used with any claims clearinghouse that processes the 837.

Please see the NEA Payer List for more details on participating health plans.

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NEA's staff has extensive experience in secure electronic document exchange. From inquiry to implementation to ongoing customer service, our professional support team works closely with our clients. Our technical and customer support is unparalleled in the industry. We provide continuous service to improve your workflow, simplify the documentation transmission process, and exceed your expectations.