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Resources All Dental Practice Leaders Should Read

For those looking for ways to improve their craft in dental practice, including brushing up on billing and coding best practices, or those leaders looking to build their business acumen, there are a number of free and paid resources available. ​​​​​​​Continuing education is a requirement for those in dental care but improving oneself can feel like… Read more ▸

Dental Twitter Influencers To Follow

Dentistry is like most other emerging sectors in that it is experiencing, and even contributing, to the vast knowledge exchange that is social media, and educating countless insiders and consumers in general. As more users and experts are drawn to the platform to share and contribute to conversations taking place in the sector, leaders have… Read more ▸

Top 4 Security Threats You May Not Think Much About

By all accounts, given the seemingly overwhelming amount of efficiency gained through technology, the same increase of mobile devices, virtualization software, social media and the consumerization of IT remain some of the most pressing security threats for healthcare and dental practices. The increase of mobile devices, embedded devices, virtualization software, social media and the consumerization of IT… Read more ▸

Establishing Effective Dental Practice Workflows

Developing efficient workflows is extremely important to establishing a process for care delivery. A smart practice workflow increases your overall efficiency, helps staff understand their roles and reduces miscommunication and waste. Each practice’s workflow is unique, even at the most minute level despite how things might seem from an outsider’s point of view. Guidelines should… Read more ▸

Simple Efforts Can Have a Dramatic Impact on the Future of Your Practice

The managing of your own dental practice means much, much more than ensuring that your patients receive quality oral health care. To provide the very best in care you need to optimize the business side of the practice and ensure that it’s operating as smoothly and efficiently as possible. That’s easier said than done, of… Read more ▸

Efficient Efforts to Improve Your Dental Practice

Practice efficiency increases profitability, but time wasters and operational clumsiness inevitably get in the way. Days in practice can be busy, filled with must-do activities and responsibilities and tasks dropped by colleagues that must be picked up immediately. On top of that, there are the patients that need to be cared for and some that… Read more ▸

3 Tips to Maximize the Value of Your Practice Before Selling

If you’re one of many dentists out there who are looking forward to retiring within the next 3-5 years, CONGRATULATIONS!!! After a career of working to provide the best oral care for patients in your community, it’s about time you took time away from working and enjoyed the fruits of your labor. You’ve likely already… Read more ▸

RECAP: Coding Update 2018

Presented by Teresa Duncan, MS, founder of Odyssey Management “The 2018 Dental Coding Update” webinar presented by NEA and industry insurance expert, Teresa Duncan, M.S., founder of Odyssey Management, held Jan. 9, 2018, drew a live audience of 869 attendees with more than 1,767 people registering for the event sponsored by NEA Powered by Vyne…. Read more ▸

Are You Prepared for a Cybersecurity Attack?

79 Percent of Healthcare Professionals are Concerned About the Cybersecurity of Their Own Personal Data That’s right! According to a recent survey conducted at the HIMSS18 conference in Las Vegas earlier this March, most of the healthcare professionals polled remain confident regarding their own organization’s cybersecurity protocols despite apprehensions connected with their own healthcare information… Read more ▸

ProviderView Sneak Peek

COMING SOON: FastAttach Web to Replace ProviderView as Your FastAttach Command Center in Q1 For years, ProviderView within FastAttach has given users a solid set of communication tools, and we are excited to announce that we have taken ProviderView to a whole new level by replacing it with our new product, FastAttach Web. This new… Read more ▸

10 Common Mistakes Dental Practices Make and How to Fix Them

There’s nothing worse than someone coming into your life, into your space, and trying to tell you that you’re doing things all wrong; but, in many cases, such a statement is nothing less than fact, and fact can be a hard thing to hear. There’s something about truth that when objective, can cut deep, like… Read more ▸

Systems and Data Security, Loss, Recovery: Are You Prepared?

Small dental practices many not be fully prepared should things go terribly wrong with their technology. Technology is obviously critical and most business processes now cannot function if technology is lost; everything is handled through it. Productivity of staff; financial impact; loss of data; hardware and software failure. Often overlooked, too, is possible facility failure:… Read more ▸

Top Four Dental Specialties that can Benefit from FastAttach

While all dental practices can benefit from moving forward with electronic solutions for claim adjudication, there are a handful of specialties that could be seeing immediate financial benefits from a solution like FastAttach from NEA Powered by Vyne. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation April 2017 report, there are 4,576 Endodontists, 6,147 Oral Surgeons, 8,740… Read more ▸

A Day in the Life of New Patient

In any job, it’s easy to get caught up in the rigmarole of everyday work tasks and procedures. Everyone has too much to do and not enough time to do it, however, in a business like a dental practice where patients are your lifeblood, taking them for granted can be a big mistake. Look at… Read more ▸

Understanding the Cost of Treatment vs. The Expense

Helping Patients Understand the Value of Treatment vs. the Expense Doctors, assistants and hygienists receive years of clinical training on procedures to improve the oral health of the patients they serve. The challenge, for many, comes down to how well they and their teams can collect on the fees they charge for the services they… Read more ▸

The Frustration of Claim Attachments: Three Troublesome Scenarios Solved

If you’re not currently using electronic claim attachments, NEA Powered by Vyne has no doubt that you’ve likely experienced one of these three common claim attachment scenarios: Claim attachments getting lost in transit and never received by the payer Delayed response times for predeterminations Unclear, unacceptable radiographs The frustrations brought forth by these scenarios and… Read more ▸

Ransomware Attack is Serious Business

In light of the recent WannaCry ransomware attack unleashed over the weekend, we wanted to share with you a few pearls of  advice courtesy of the ADA News: Backup your data regularly and keep a copy off-site: Backing up your data regularly and keeping a secured copy offsite can help protect you from ransomware, and would also… Read more ▸

NEA heads to the 2017 ADSO Summit in Orlando!

Streamlining billing, claim adjudication and electronic information exchange for growing dental service organizations since 1997 NEA Powered by Vyne is excited to meet with the nation’s dental service organizations (DSOs) at the annual ADSO summit, March 7 through 10, 2017, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. NEA understands the importance of streamlining billing, claim adjudication and… Read more ▸

3 Steps for Managing Data Security in Dentistry

There’s no doubt that HIPAA privacy and security statutes, technology audit requirements, and an increase in users requiring access to multiple systems is driving the need for all healthcare organizations, including dental practices, to focus on managing security risks. Managing those risks is often unchartered territory for dental practice owners who specialize in providing patient care, not… Read more ▸

5 ways to protect your practice from ransomware

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that hackers use to attempt to generate profit by encrypting files then demanding payment to decrypt them; typically spread through email by tricking a user into opening an attachment or clicking a link to a malicious website. Most ransomware infects systems through “spam, phishing messages, websites and email… Read more ▸

BLOG: Beware of Imposters!

Not all electronic claim attachment solutions are created equally.  At NEA, we specialize in claim attachments and have for over 20 years; that’s what makes us the expert in the space. Our technology works well, our relationships with payers and health plans are unmatched at over 750 and our partner-base is strong. We never drop… Read more ▸

BLOG: Introducing the Vyne Brand

Welcome to Vyne. This is a big week for our company. Today, we introduced our new brand identity and took the first step in our journey down a new and exciting path – a path that lays the groundwork for future growth. We are Vyne™. In creating the Vyne brand, we saw an opportunity to… Read more ▸

BLOG: The Simple Math of Electronic Claim Attachments

Do the Math… Electronic claim attachment solutions like NEA’s FastAttach cost far less than many other dental practice expenditures, yet can help bring serious ROI. See for yourself… With FastAttach you can save time, money and headaches by submitting your attachments electronically to over 700 payers/health plans and you can do it for only $34… Read more ▸

BLOG: Secure Electronic Options for Better Managing Your Revenue Cycle

Improve Your A/R with a Few Simple Tools Dentists, do you realize that your practice is needlessly throwing money down the drain AND putting the security of your patients’ data at risk every day? It’s true. If you’re not empowering your staff to utilize secure electronic tools for checking eligibility and benefits or for processing… Read more ▸

BLOG: Data is no less secure even as HIPAA enforcement is here

Lindy Benton, Thursday, April 02, 2015 The headlines are endless and ever-growing: Healthcare data is at risk. Exposure is happening because a scourge of people worldwide is illegally trying to benefit from the information; because of improper protection of sensitive information; or because of some other sort of breach. However, despite continued efforts to address… Read more ▸

BLOG: Keep Your Data!

Security in healthcare is an ever higher reaching hurdle, and one that can’t be ignored. Let us help you even out the playing field with this infographic on how to keep your data yours!  

BLOG: Functional Personality

So you’ve got your site running, it’s hosted, it’s out on the net, people can find you on the internet if they know your practice name, they’ve been able to find you loosely in random searches thanks to the bit of SEO you’ve dabbled in, but what do you do to make them want to… Read more ▸