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Voice of the Customer Testimonials

We asked clients to tell us why they love using FastAttach from NEA for their electronic claim attachments. Here’s what a few of them they had to say:

“I can submit a claim for a crown, show pre and post op images after it is seated same visit, and we are paid in 7-14 days. Perio is easy with charting & digipan. If a claim is lost by the ins co, the NEA # is how they find it. It’s an incredible time saver!”

Beverly Krell
William L Krell DDS MAGD

“Why wouldn’t you? That’s the question. Saves time, money and trees!! This is a great service, even if a claim gets kicked back for more information. Just attach and resend! NEA is highly recommended by me. #nomorestuffingenvelopes

Nancy Meadows
Dr. Thomas Brant, DDS

I love FastAttach so I can attach all my documentation electronically and not have to print anything! We are saving a forest of trees!!!”

Andrea Tweet
Dr. Andreea Larhs, DDS

“It’s super-easy, fast, and a great value!”

Dr. Alan Barr, DDS

“Prior to FastAttach we had multiple issues in tracking sent information. Since using NEA our collections has doubled in such short period of time.

Melissa Wilson
JDC Healthcare

“Our practice could not run as smoothly with out FastAttach. The days of paper submission should be behind us. NEA-Vyne are leaders in their support services. Helpful suggestions and newsletters keep us on the cutting edge of technology. Exceeding security standards they offer a comfort level we can not get with other companies. We owe are recent production increases and turn around time to NEA-Vyne for the time savings they have provided us through their services. In addition, they strive to increase availability to all every major insurance available. “

Autumn Esbin 
Dr. Caroline A Bobbett, DDS 

“I like the efficiency in which FastAttach works while searching and then eventually attaching documents or xrays for a patient.”

Vickie Stauffer
Aspen Dental Management 

“NEA FastAttach makes my job easier and more efficient as I can instantly send out my claims, attach X-rays, primary EOB’s, etc. I can also search an old attachment for verification when needed. I love NEA attachments!”

Susan Mautz
Dr. Bill Jordan, DMD

“Is there really any other way to send an attachment?! So easy, convenient, saves time, not to mention paper, ink and stamps!”

Shana Williams
Eagle Gate Dental

FastAttach is indeed Fast to Attach!!! It makes attaching just about anything easy and saves our office a lot of time!”

Vanessa Myers
Dr. Mark P. Small, DMD

“I love that FastAttach allows seamless claim processing for our office. We can attach xrays, narratives, perio charting, and secondary insurance claims at the click of a button. It is such a time saver on our end AND it helps us receive insurance payments faster. It is a FANTASTIC service that I highly recommend!”

Cait Resch
Glacier Dental 

FastAttach truly helps us to run a more lean process and limit the amount of times we have to touch a claim. Having the tracking number available when calling a payer for claim status is a huge advantage for both parties. Overall we find that relying on the NEA electronic process is a huge advantage for us administratively.”

Shelbie Yount
Aspen Dental Management

“I love the ease I can submit information and knowing it is sent quickly and available immediately for insurance companies. No other way to work with insurance companies!

Karen Johnson
Dr. Kirk E. King, DDS

FastAttach is great. Payment comes faster from the insurance companies, no more sending xrays with paper claims and hoping you get the xray back. It takes about 3 minutes from the time you post a seat crown to the sending of the claim electronically by FastAttach. You have got to sign up with FastAttach and see how fast you get reimbursed!! It is such a great program.”

Camille Riggan
Dr. Adrian Tomarere, DDS

Sending claims is effortless using FastAttach. They also prompt you as to what needs to go with claims to avoid insurance denials due to missing information.”

Mary Ann Venturena
Beautiful Smiles of Delaware

Love how easy it is to send attachments and I can put as many attachments as needed. No need to bother printing x-rays who’s dx quailty are questionable. Also I am able to mark up all of the attachments digitally to show the INS more clearly what we are trying to explain. “

Seth Adams
Fredericktown Family Dental

“NEA has made my life easier since the day we enrolled. I no longer have to copy EOB’s and mail them in. It works with our software to attach whatever the insurance requests for claims to be processed. We save time, paper and postage. It takes seconds to do, is easy to use and they back it up. When the companies tell me they never received something there is proof. The few times I’ve still had trouble someone at NEA has made the call directly to the insurance company on my behalf. I couldn’t imagine my days without it now!”

Christine Farley-Stobbs
Pediatric Dentistry Of The North Shore

“Love FastAttach and would not be able to make it through the day without it. We use it to attach xrays to our electronic claims and to forward paperwork and xrays to other dental offices. I would highly recommend this to anyone!”

Libby Langston
Lakeway Dental Center

FastAttach is so easy and efficient for billing and authorizations, which is better for our patients when we need a prompt Pre-Determination. it is also good for our pocket, saving more money and being paperless.”

Tatyana Chernov
Flatbush Dental Group PC

“We are well established office, who just recently switched over to doing digital xrays and quickly upgraded to doing electronic claims. It has made our lives at the front desk so much easier. We can edit, add, and send claims with a few clicks! The customer support for FastAttach has also been helpful when we need further explanation or training. Our claims are paid much quicker, and we are able to trace claims more efficiently. It’s GREAT!”

Danae Polley
Michael S Boggs, DDS